Let's get this blog started

Hi there. We’re Trade Eights Cocktails from Seattle, Washington.  Welcome to our blog.

First, a little bit about ourselves.  We make original, small-batch bottled cocktails using real spirits, real juices and real sweeteners.  You know, just like you would at home. 

We started making cocktails because we love cocktails.   It just didn’t seem right that after a long day at work, having a cocktail at home – a good cocktail made with real ingredients – required so much effort.   So we changed that.

When we created our bottled cocktails, we had a few principles. 

  • Always natural. Artificial stuff doesn’t belong in a cocktail. That’s why we stick to natural ingredients. Period.

  • Real is the way to go. Authentic great taste comes from real ingredients. That’s why we use real spirits – like 6x distilled vodka and American whiskey. We blend with real juices – like grapefruit, lemon and lime. Plus, we add real sweeteners – like pure maple syrup and wildflower honey.

  • Not just for parties. We believe cocktails aren’t just for special occasions. They’re great for celebrating the wins that happen every week or come in handy after a day of really earning that paycheck. They add fun to weekend brunch or can stand up to your favorite spicy take-out if given the chance.

  • Work/life are busy obviously. We also know that when life gets busy, there’s no time to get in touch with your inner bartender. It’s easier to drop some ice cubes into a glass, sit back and relax. That’s why we made our cocktails ready to drink – just add ice and pour. We also made our cocktails with 10% ABV, so you can enjoy our drinks responsibly during more occasions - like when you stream the new season of House of Cards or while waiting for Lyft to pick you up to meet your friends.

Gin Hibiscus Vacation-blog.jpg

Now that you know a little about us, let’s talk about this blog. Our blog is for cocktail fans, Seattleites and anyone who’s curious about life.  It’s for people who find joy in the simple things.  We hope in our blog you’ll discover something interesting, funny and a little new.  Talk to you soon.