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Here you’ll find information about our company, brand and other helpful resources. Our full website has even more specifics about us and our products.


Our Brand

Trade Eights Cocktails is a Seattle-based bottled cocktail company. We currently have three cocktail varieties made with natural ingredients, real spirits, and intriguing flavors.  From the design of our packaging to our original flavors, our brand connects with taste explorers and those seeking something a little different.

How We're Different

Like you, we love cocktails!  But when life gets busy, meeting friends at the bar or making one from scratch at home (energy + ingredients required) just isn't in the cards.  We started Trade Eights Cocktails because we believe enjoying a great tasting, well-made cocktail at home should be easy.  Here's the Trade Eights Cocktails difference:

  • We use only natural ingredients. None of that artificial stuff.

  • For authentic taste, we use real spirits, real juices and real sweeteners – just like you would at home.

  • Our cocktails come in unique, but approachable flavors that appeal to seekers of new taste experiences.

  • At 10% ABV, our cocktails complement any occasion - from weekday happy hour to weekend brunch.

Our Name

Back in the day, we used to hang out with friends after work trading stories, listening to music and drinking cocktails.  Our name is inspired by those fun times and a riff on musicians taking turns playing or “trading” eight bars of music.

Our Label Design

We partnered with local Seattle artist, Shogo Ota, to create truly original bottle labels. Each cocktail has its own unique color palette and corresponding hand-drawn pattern.

The colors and patterns reinforce the flavors of each cocktail. The simple, yet sophisticated design evokes our clean and natural list of ingredients and the elevated experience we bring to our consumers.

We didn’t stop being different with just the label.  Our commitment to quality led us to choose amber glass for our bottles.  The darker glass reduces the damaging effects of UV light on natural products and helps protect shelf life. 


Assertively Social

We believe great brands are great because of their consumers. They learn from them and grow with them. Because of this, we actively listen and engage with our consumers through social media.



Sell Sheets

Our sell sheets are a convenient summary and quick reference for the key facts about our cocktails.



Our logo is both simple and iconic. The design is easy to spot from a distance and highly memorable.

Shelf Talkers

Our attention grabbing shelf talkers help our products stand out.  They support retailers in driving trial and awareness among shoppers seeking something new.

Case Dieline

Our branded cases support in-store displays.  They easily convert to display units to showcase our cocktails and promote sales.

Case Image_V2.png

Case Information

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12 5/16 x 9 1/4 x 13 3/16 inches

  • Size Per Case: 12 x 750 ml bottles

  • Weight: 37 lbs

  • SCC:

    • Gin: 10857106007016

    • Vodka: 10857106007009

    • Whiskey: 10857106007023

Pallet Information

  • Pallet Pattern: 14 cases per layer / 4 layers per pallet

  • Pallet Size: 56 Cases

Frequently Asked Questions

After all that info, you probably have a few questions. Below are the most common. 

Who are you guys?

We’re a Seattle-based bottled cocktail company. Our co-founders are seasoned business leaders with backgrounds in food, beverage and tech and marketing experience at companies including Starbucks, General Mills and Thomson Reuters. After many years in corporate America, they've followed their passion for cocktails to start Trade Eights Cocktails.

A love of cocktails has fueled their journey through exquisite craft cocktail bars in Hong Kong and Tokyo to innovative, modern speakeasies in Brooklyn and Seattle. With a commitment to delivering quality and great taste through real, natural ingredients, they’ve combined passion and years of marketing experience to build Trade Eights Cocktails.

Who are your cocktails for?

They’re for everyone (21 and over that is). But our cocktails speak specifically to those who love new experiences, seek out unique flavors and embrace being a little different.

Are your cocktails natural?

Yes, they are. All our cocktails are made with natural ingredients. We created a line of bottled cocktails that we are proud to drink ourselves and to serve to our friends and family.

We believe authentic taste comes from real ingredients. That’s why we use real spirits – like 6x distilled vodka, gin and American whiskey. We blend with real juices – like grapefruit, lemon and lime. Plus, we add real sweeteners – like pure maple syrup and wildflower honey.

Better yet, our cocktails contain no artificial preservatives, artificial colors or artificial sweeteners. You don’t have to take our word for it, all our flavors are recognized by the Feds as TTB natural.

Do your cocktails contain real juices?

All our cocktails contain real juices. We believe real juice not only makes for better cocktails but also delivers the authentic taste consumers are seeking in the home cocktail experience.

Do your cocktails have a lot of calories?

Nope. Our cocktails range from 45 – 50 calories per 1.5 fl oz. This is much lower than one would find in the typical bar cocktail or most pre-made mixers you’ll find in the supermarket. Consumers are looking for alternatives to the overly sweet and artificial mixed drinks they chugged at frat parties of their youth.

What does "small-batch cocktails" mean?

All our cocktails are made in small, carefully blended batches so we can best control the quality and taste before bottling. Each cocktail comes with its own individual lot batch number so we know how and when it was made to ensure it meets our high quality standards.

What kind of alcohol do you use?

Real cocktails are made with real spirits. We only use real, distilled spirits like vodka, gin and whiskey. You can’t fake that, nor should you try.

Should I refrigerate after opening?

Yes, keep it cold. Refrigerate and enjoy within a week after opening. We work hard to preserve the life of our products. That's why we use amber glass bottles to cut down on the damaging effects of UV light. Additionally, we maintain the highest quality standards in the bottling of our cocktails to further protect the integrity of our products.

Do you give back?

Most definitely. At Trade Eights Cocktails, we celebrate dogs and other pets as family members and best friends.

Because we love our pets so much and believe they make the world a happier place, we donate 1% of our sales to organizations dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of animals.

How do I contact you?

Easily. Just email us (sales@tradeeightscocktails.com), send a note from our contact page, or drop us a line at (929) 266-7108!