Meet Us


We started Trade Eights Cocktails because we love cocktails – simple as that. But when life gets busy, meeting friends for happy hour or making one from scratch just isn't in the cards. 

We think enjoying a great tasting cocktail made with natural ingredients should be easy. After countless rounds of experimenting, tasting, starting over again, refining and coming back stronger, we created a line of bottled cocktails that we would be proud to drink ourselves and to serve to our friends and families.

We're committed to building a company that's driven by passion, honesty and the joy of making products we believe in. With fun and original flavors, we created something everyone deserves – a real cocktail made with simple, natural ingredients and none of the artificial stuff.

Oh, About Our Name

Back in the day, we used to hang out with friends after work trading stories, listening to music and drinking cocktails.  Our name is inspired by those fun times and a riff on musicians taking turns playing or “trading” eight bars of music. 


Where We Call Home


Trade Eights Cocktails was born in Seattle. Our city's mix of innovative thinking, love of nature, and adventurous spirit, informs our way of thinking. We love our city and it shows in the products we make.


For Our Love of Pets


At Trade Eights Cocktails, we celebrate friendships, including the unbreakable bonds we have with our pets. Because we believe pets make the world a happier place and we love them like family, we donate 1% of our sales to organizations dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of animals.


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