Hibiscus Lime +Gin


Silver Medal, 2019 SIP Awards. Bronze Medal, 2019 NYISC.

A refreshing cocktail of crisp gin, lively hibiscus, bright lime juice and delicate notes of ginger.  Just natural, delicious stuff.


Flavor Story

They say inspiration can come from anywhere, we just have to connect the dots. So we did some dot connecting and created our Hibiscus Lime +Gin cocktail.

This vibrant cocktail is inspired by an old family recipe and the hibiscus drinks beloved in the Caribbean. We add our own twist by blending with Gin, instead of the traditional Rum, to create a unique cocktail perfect for armchair travelers and flavor explorers.

How to Enjoy

  • Shake well, add ice and relax.
  • Refrigerate some for later and enjoy within a week of opening.
  • 10% ABV for your workdays and weekends.