Meet Our Flavors

We craft our small-batch, bottled cocktails with real spirits and real juices - just like you would at home. They go great with celebrating the little victories that happen every week or just relaxing after really earning that paycheck. Now a well-made drink can be yours anytime.  


Grapefruit Honey +Vodka

A perfectly balanced cocktail of 6-times distilled vodka, grapefruit juice and real honey.  Finished with subtle notes of cinnamon.

Gold Medal, 2019 SIP Awards

Ginger Citrus +Whiskey

A bold cocktail of whiskey, spicy ginger and bright lemon juice.  Lightly sweetened with just a touch of real maple syrup.

Silver Medal, 2019 SIP Awards

Hibiscus Lime +Gin

A refreshingly fun cocktail of gin, lively hibiscus and lime juice.   Delicately spiced with hints of ginger. 

Silver Medal, 2019 SIP Awards