Enjoy Drinking at Home in Your Underwear? There's a word for that.


Ever just feel like having a drink … at home … in your underwear? You’re not alone! Our Finnish friends are huge fans of such a past time, so much so that they have a word for it:  Kalsarikännit (pronounced cal-sar-y-cuhn-eet).

This uniquely Finnish concept wonderfully captures the idea of feeling comfortable in your own skin, doing your own thing.  

To make things official, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has this handy definition for kalsarikännit:  “The feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear – with no intention of going out.”


To advise your family and friends of your plans, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also has government approved his and her emojis so there’s no fear of spelling errors or misunderstandings.  

Given that Finland is the happiest country in the world, Finns must surely be on to something with kalsarikännit. (Although it probably doesn’t hurt that the country is also one of the least corrupt, safest places to live).

Trade Eights | Ginger Citrus +Whiskey Cocktail

Trade Eights | Ginger Citrus +Whiskey Cocktail

For fans of the other Nordic concept, hygge, the great news is that one can easily combine kalsarikännit with hygge to get a Finnish-Dutch feeling of super relaxation.  

So next time you feel like staying in, go for it. Grab your favorite cocktail, wine or beer. Get into your most comfy undies, and light some candles to create the hygge vibes. Finally, relax and feel perfect contentment.