Hello, Idaho!

Snake River, Idaho

Snake River, Idaho

We are excited to announce that Trade Eights Cocktails is now available in Idaho, thanks to our distributor partner, Idaho Wine Merchant.

We’re offering all three of our delicious, award-winning flavors: Grapefruit Honey +Vodka, Ginger Citrus +Whiskey and Hibiscus Lime +Gin. All of our bottled cocktails are crafted with real spirits, juices, botanicals and spices. We take special care in blending all these ingredients together so we get the perfect balance of flavors.

Because we do all the work of getting the booze in the bottle, with Trade Eights Cocktails, there’s nothing to mix, measure or mess up. After all, there’s a party to host, friends to catch up with, accomplishments to celebrate, or time needed to just relax.

Speaking of relaxing, we think Idaho’s majestic natural beauty is the perfect setting to unwind with our all-natural cocktails. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce new folks to Trade Eights Cocktails. Here’s to meeting new faces and making new friends!